The human body isn’t defiant and rebellious. It’s compliant. It does what you tell it to. It changes when you want it to. With the right tools, you can build the body you want!

Why should you choose to #RedesignYourBody™ now?

Whether you want to lose some extra weight and get the body you want in time for the summer, you want to have healthier life or get back in shape, you want to fit into a certain dress or you want to stop yo-yo dieting, you are preparing for a wedding or you simply want feel more comfortable with yourself, you want to stop holding yourself back or are looking for a motivation boost, this programme is for you.  So, how much can you transform your body in just 30 day?

Your journey to have the body you always wanted starts here!

#RedesignYourBody™ is the ultimate mind-body development programme for people who want to look and feel great! The blend of the most powerful mind-changing tools and the latest research regarding nutrition and sports guarantee the results of this programme. Whereas traditional diets fail, the success of this programme is ensured by the integrated approach to nutrition, sports and mindset.

What’s included in the programme:

  1. The healthy body – healthy mind mindset
    • The 7 steps to achieving the body you want
    • The principles for success
    • Your guide to ongoing motivation
    • Exploring the mind-body connection
    • Eliminating limiting beliefs and negative emotions that might be holding you back
  2. Goal – setting for success
    • Learn how to set achievable goals
    • Discover what are the most efficient ways of keeping track of your progress
  3. The key to nutrition
    • Your introduction to macronutrients and micronutrients
    • What should we eat and when?
    • The food diary
    • Fat-burning foods
  4. Exercising for results
    • Exercising for maximum results
    • Design principles for sports programmes
  5. From a diet to a lifestyle
    • How do we switch to a healthy lifestyle?
    • The 5 easy rules that will keep you lean forever

How does it work?

#RedesignYourBody™ is an intensive, highly interactive and fast paced 30 days mind-body coaching programme based on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Transactional Analysis and other models. As such, it combines an exciting blend of teaching, live demonstration and exercise-based learning in the gym. During the first 2 coaching sessions we will start the transformation by discovering how YOU can #RedesigYourBody while in the following 20 gym sessions we will turn the plan into action. Look forward to not only boosting your energy and motivation levels but also to significantly transform your body and mind!

Who is leading this programme?

This programme is designed and led by Radu Seuche, a highly experienced certified NLP trainer and Master Coach. Radu has redesigned his body from 125kg to 85kg now and has provided coaching for both professional athletes and people who wanted to live a healthier life. Radu is the CEO and Founder of Radu Seuche – Accelerated performance. The coaching is provided by a coaching team of certified NLP Master Coaches, Sports coaches and nutritionists.


What if you decide to join?

  • you’re beginning to redesign your body
  • you’ve let go of any limitations holding you back and are full speed ahead to achieving the body of your dreams
  • you have a clear and personalised plan to exercise and nutrition for the next 28 days
  • you have a set of resources to keep your motivation levels high during the programme
  • you have your own support group to meet and share experiences
  • you have boosted your self confidence