Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS)

Harrison Assessments has developed a series of unique methods that make assessment more reliable and accurate. The methods combine together to make talent recruitment and talent development efficient and effective. Our unique methods of assessment contain the following proprietary methodologies:

•  More than 6500 Job Success Formulas and a job analysis toolkit enable you to quickly and easily customize assessment criteria to accurately reflect your specific job requirements.

•  SmartQuestionnaire™ saves you time and money by greatly minimizing the time it takes to complete an assessment. For example, the job suitability questionnaire provides the equivalent of a full day of testing in less than 30 minutes.

•  Paradox Technology™ provides a more accurate behavioral measurement by revealing behavioral skills and versatility. By identifying the relationship between traits, it correctly determines the impact of each trait on job performance.

•  Enjoyment-Performance Methodology ensures employee work satisfaction, performance, and retention.

•  Test Integration Technology enables you to integrate all test results into an overall test score that can include eligibility assessment, suitability assessment, interview results and third party test results. This is essential to achieve a consistent overall interpretation of test results.

•  20 Years of Performance Research enables you to understand and target the specific behaviors that lead to job success.

•  Test Authentication – Our technology sets the highest standards in the testing industry through technological mechanisms that ensure test comprehension and genuine answers.

•  Employment Tests – Harrison Assessments offers cutting-edge technologies that provide unique employment tests and assessment tool methodologies.

Radu is a Certified Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS) Consultant.