Why work with Radu?

personal-success-change-your-life-keys-to-success1Individuals, organisations, businesses or institutions choose to work with Radu because his approach is goal-oriented and generative and results in accelerated performance. Learn more about Radu’s approach here.

Radu also only works with clients that get results and believes that everybody already has all the necessary resources they need in order to achieve their outcomes.

Radu is committed to deliver high quality experiences with a high impact whether in training, coaching, facilitation or speaking.

Depending on what problems they want to solve or what outcomes/dreams they want to achieve, people hire Radu either for Personal Coaching, Executive Breakthrough or Business Coaching.

Also, institutions, organisations and businesses from Europe, Asia and Africa trust Radu to design, deliver and evaluate high-ROI blended-learning training courses in various areas.