What people are saying

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‘The training was very interesting, interactive and intensive, with many practical exercises through which we have got familiar with NLP techniques and tools, which enable us to have better communication, to set and achieve desired goals, to have more successful sales and decision making processes, matched with each and every particular client, group and situation. Considering the high professionalism of Radu, I will definitely recommend to attend his courses!’

Sophio Askurava, Learning and Development Coordinator at Bank Republic – Societe Generale



‘The NLP Business Practitioner Certification with Radu was one of the best trainings I have ever attended. NLP can significantly improve your life. Meeting Radu Seuche was a great and there’s a lot to learn from him.’

Archil Dzidziguri, Georgian Railway



‘The training course was very dynamic, the tutor was a real professional possessing all necessary skills to deliver the course in a very interesting way. There were lots of highlights during the course and I consider that NLP is a turning-point of my life since attending the training.’

Keti Chkoidze, HR Manager at Schulze Global Investments



‘The Business NLP training course was an eye-opener for me from several perspectives. The topic: although I have read numerous books on the subject, the way the course was structured made me realise that no matter how much I’d read, these seven days were an absolute must to truly understand the depth of NLP, even though this the course was just the first step towards mastering NLP. Radu is the best trainer I have ever met. Upon completion of the course, I have surfed the Internet for video training materials and the more I watch different trainers, the luckier I felt for having Radu introducing me to NLP.’

Lana Tsagareishvili, Founder and Director at Mindstream


‘I have had the privilege of working with Radu using techniques such as NLP Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy™. Radu is a very clear minded coach, who keeps you on track and helps produce massive changes in your life. I would highly recommend booking a session with him. Your life will never be the same!’

Andrea Armstrong (UK)


‘Allow me to express you my gratitude for your amazing work yesterday during the Breakthrough Coaching Session and I want to acknowledge you for your amazing presence and professionalism. Thank you!’

Ian (Slovenia)


‘Thank you for the support and opportunity you have given to me! The Breakthrough Session was amazing and incredible. I am still thinking about the process and how fast it gives result and how I changed the way I see, feel and act. You have given me a precious tool to use for life!’

Lalla (Belgium)


‘As I was interested in becoming a coach and getting trained in NLP, I started a process of being coached. My coaching with Radu was very much like a travel with a wiser and funny friend. We were exploring a forest together, with the idea of cutting trees, planting new seeds… It just went naturally. I learnt how to deal with my Stuff (aka shit) and one of my biggest take-aways is taking responsibility for my own actions/reactions.

I loved all aspects of it. I extended my confort zone. I learnt that there is an unlimited number of options in everything we do. I learnt how to change glasses when I face a challenge. I learnt that when I don’t achieve my goal, I have to look at limiting beliefs, ineffective strategies or negative emotions.

I grew a lot in these sessions : I now feel confident in myself and in my capabilities, I now feel empowered, able to achieve everything I want to, get rid of the mental barriers because I now believe that all the resources I need are with me.I still have some work to do and I acknowledge that being freed from negative self-talk and having the little voice in the heading saying nice things is very pleasant!’

Yayi (Belgium)