Creating a Mindset for High-Performance

At the L&D Summit in Bucharest on the 28th of March I will be talking about developing a Mindset for Performance.

In today’s changing world, creating high-level, sustainable performance is not always easy. Vision, mission, values, strategy, and performance measurement are meaningless if people aren’t inspired to deliver. Improving performance means starting with Why. This requires a change in mindset. It means thinking differently for a change.

Organizations usually try to create high-performance by optimizing processes or upskilling employees. However, this is not something that can be achieved simply by hiring a consultant or putting employees through a learning and development program.

Most organizations already have the capacity to perform at their best. But they are still looking for the difference that makes the difference. So, what is it exactly that ensures their best becomes their average?

It’s a mindset: a Mindset for Performance at both personal and organizational level.

So, what do you think is part of this Mindset for Performance? How can this Mindset be embedded in the organisational culture? Feel free to share your views!

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