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Creating a Mindset for High-Performance

At the L&D Summit in Bucharest on the 28th of March I will be talking about developing a Mindset for Performance. In today’s changing world, creating high-level, sustainable performance is not always easy. Vision, mission, values, strategy, and performance measurement are meaningless if people aren’t inspired to deliver. Improving performance […]

Last phase of the Structured Dialogue

18 months. 18 incredible months for a very special process: the Process of the Structured Dialogue. According to the European Youth Forum, ‘Structured Dialogue means that the relevant institutions and actors are involved, leading to a common goal, with mutual respect for the partners (whether institutions or interest groups); that […]

Personal leadership workshop

Every day I meet people who I have something to learn from but, from time to time, I meet a person that inspires me deeply. Totally lost in Bruxelles, the first day I moved here, I met Mihaela. I wasn’t at all expecting to live in the same building with […]

Bruxelles – a new chapter 2

It’s been a time of silence on the blog although I cannot say the same thing about myself:  I moved to Bruxelles to be the Training Co-ordinator for EEE-YFU and a new adventure began here! I re-discovered the city and many of the friends that I have here (and not […]