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StrategyIs your organisational strategy giving you the results that you want? Does it produce the results you planned initially? Could it be better? Could it be simpler/easier or produce a faster development?

What would be the 7 things that you need to take into account in order to develop the best strategy ever? This was the question that I was asked a couple of weeks ago during a training course for top level managers responsible for strategic development in their organisations.

These were my suggestions…

1. Know WHY you do what you do!

Why do you exist as an organisation? What is the reason the organisation has been developed in the first place? Having a clearly articulated vision for you organisation is the first step towards any kind of development. The vision gives direction to the people in the organisation and this can only happen when people understand and can relate to the it. Simon Sinek says in his book ‘Start with why’, people join a cause for the why not for the what.

2. Know your OUTCOME

It is always easier to get somewhere if you know where you are going – having SMARTER outcomes for your strategy will enable your organization to achieve them easier and at the same time to track progress. Curious about SMARTER outcomes? Learn more here!

3. Continually understand the CONTEXT in which you are operating

The mapping of the reality and the context in which the organization operates is not a one-time exercise as part of the strategy development. The tracking of current trends, internal and external factors, is a continuos process that allows the flexibility needed to reach the outcomes.

4. Have FLEXIBILITY in WHAT you do

Flexibility is only possible once a starting point is set: the outcomes. The term flexibility is not always correctly understood: being flexible means that the desired outcomes are clear and there is a plan of action that can be modified as much as required by the internal and external changes, while staying true to the organizational vision and values.

5. ALLOW others to join the journey

Implementing a strategic plan is a journey: some people will join the journey, others will not. It is useful to create a framework that allows the ones that believe in the vision and can support the implementation of the strategy. Make sure that the strategy is not only communicated to but understood by all your target audiences (both internally and externally) and people feel free to join the cause.

6. DO the BEST that you can do

Having an outcome in mind, make sure that at the end of the day you did the best that you could have possible done in relation to achieving this outcome. Massive action is a must together with leveling ALL the available resources.


Having a piece of paper called ‘strategy’ which is elaborated but placed somewhere in a drawer is a sure way to fail: having a plan is useless as long as it is not fully implemented.

Do you have any other advices that come to mind right now? Share them!

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