Bruxelles – a new chapter 2

It’s been a time of silence on the blog although I cannot say the same thing about myself:  I moved to Bruxelles to be the Training Co-ordinator for EEE-YFU and a new adventure began here!

I re-discovered the city and many of the friends that I have here (and not only) who helped me a lot to adapt to the change. A few weeks ago, the Ice Queen moved here too, and now we might move in together – a new adventure.

The first event I co-ordinated for EEE-YFU was a Training Course on Volunteer Recruitment where I was in charge of not only the administrative part but also coaching the team of trainers. It was quite an experience letting go and not being in front of the group but rather asking questions and helping the fresh trainers develop. You can read more about the TCVR here (link to follow soon).

The next adventure begins next week, with the last Presidency Youth Event of the Trio – the Hungarian Presidency Youth Event (1-4 of March 2011) closely followed by the Open Networking and Synergy Meeting that I will be co-ordination for EEE-YFU also in Budapest (9 – 13 of March 2011).

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