Personal leadership workshop

Every day I meet people who I have something to learn from but, from time to time, I meet a person that inspires me deeply. Totally lost in Bruxelles, the first day I moved here, I met Mihaela. I wasn’t at all expecting to live in the same building with another Romanian and moreover, with a Romanian trainer. Sharing books and witty comments, we got along really well.

A few weeks back, she held a workshop for our colleagues at the ICA (the place where we live) on ‘Being irresistible – being true to yourself’, a workshop that inspired me to do a follow-up activity related to personal leadership, more specifically on long-term personal objectives and planning.

Therefore, during today’s workshop, I led a group of young people through an imagined forest to help them reach their true wishes about their future and, even more important, to put them on paper. For most of them it was a great challenge on one hand because they were not used to non-formal education methods and, on the other hand, because being true to yourself is not always easy (almost never is).

Based on the idea that 97% of the people on this planet never put down their objectives and that the 3% that do have a much higher chance of being successful, the participants mapped their objectives for the next 30 years, both on personal and professional level and discussed about ways of  avoiding the limitations that would come their way on the path of achieving their dreams.

I would like to congratulate my friends and colleagues that took this challenge and wish them all the best in making things happen. Because we do have inside everything that we need although sometimes we are just too afraid to let it out.

Thank you, Mihaela!

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