On board Gendrian Spacelines 2

‘Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride on Gendrian Spacelines! We would like to inform you that you have just been abducted from Earth and will travel with us to Planet Gendria to help our researchers discover more about gender issues’. This is how the training course […]

Stand up 2010

This video was created with the participants of the University on Youth and Development on September 17 (shooting) and finished editing on September 18. With almost three hundred young people from 80 countries meeting in Spain in the framework of the international year of youth to discuss sustainable development as a tool to […]

EuroGames 2010 3

EuroGames 2010 este noul manual de animaţie destinat tinerilor produs de Youth for Exchange and Understanding (YEU). Acest manual este continuarea manualului din 1993 care a fost adaptat  pentru a putea fi folosit şi  în grupuri care cuprind persoane cu dizabilităţi. Împreună cu ceilalţi 12 experţi, am reuşit să adaptăm peste […]