Formal vs. Nonformal in learning

Tens of thousands of trainers. Maybe hundreds of thousands of trainers. That is the number of trainers that Europe has at this point. The result of a boom in trainings for trainers, many of them still have a problem with differentiating between formal and nonformal learning. If asked about the main […]

Accepting challenges: checked! 1

Everybody likes challenges. Or at least this is what they say. But how much are we actually willing to take a challenge, something that really takes us out of our comfort zone? A couple of months ago, a dear friend of mine came with the idea of doing some ‘non-formal […]

Last phase of the Structured Dialogue

18 months. 18 incredible months for a very special process: the Process of the Structured Dialogue. According to the European Youth Forum, ‘Structured Dialogue means that the relevant institutions and actors are involved, leading to a common goal, with mutual respect for the partners (whether institutions or interest groups); that […]

Personal leadership workshop

Every day I meet people who I have something to learn from but, from time to time, I meet a person that inspires me deeply. Totally lost in Bruxelles, the first day I moved here, I met Mihaela. I wasn’t at all expecting to live in the same building with […]