Creating a Mindset for High-Performance

At the L&D Summit in Bucharest on the 28th of March I will be talking about developing a Mindset for Performance. In today’s changing world, creating high-level, sustainable performance is not always easy. Vision, mission, values, strategy, and performance measurement are meaningless if people aren’t inspired to deliver. Improving performance […]

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Quality vs. Impact in Education 1

‘Good training’ is simply not good enough, but how do you measure it? Initial reflection on this question showed that we can measure either the quality or the impact of educational activities. Because they are distinct, they lead to a different way of investing resources, depending on how relevant they […]


If intrapreneurship is the answer – what is the question? This is the line that sums up the Intrapreneurship Conference that took place Friday, the 2nd of december 2011 in the Brussels Hub. Gathering 10 speakers from different business fields, the conference aimed to explore new ways of creating and […]

Formal vs. Nonformal in learning

Tens of thousands of trainers. Maybe hundreds of thousands of trainers. That is the number of trainers that Europe has at this point. The result of a boom in trainings for trainers, many of them still have a problem with differentiating between formal and nonformal learning. If asked about the main […]